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A good friend and awesome artist, Jamie Warren and me.

A good friend and awesome artist, Jamie Warren and me.

1996 – 2008 – Up until an accident that changed my life in 1988, I led a reasonably “normal” life, working at various jobs, achieving a degree in Business Administration with accounting as a major in 1982.  I never finished high school so it was important to me to go back and get my “diploma” and get some kind of higher education.

I also got my class “A” license and began driving long haul with my ex-husband in 1986, which resulted in my falling out of the truck in 1988 and breaking my back.  Four back surgeries later (the last two in Germany), I had to rethink what I would be doing for the rest of my life.  I had (and still have) limitations to work with so a regular “9 – 5″ job was out of the question.

I’ve always had a love of country music so doing something with that seemed like a great idea.  I first co-published a German country magazine (1996 – 1998) but it was very difficult to get advertising for it.  We decided to call it quits after two years.  My next idea was born from a quick answer to friends in Nashville and virtually changed the rest of my life!


At Garth’s Central Park concert with Scott Stem (Garth’s publicist)

I was at Fan Fair in 1999 and my “press pit” buddies were asking me what I was going to do now that I no longer had the magazine to work on.  With no thought on the matter, I told them I would be going online and creating a website called “That’s Country”!  There were only two problems with that statement.  I had no idea how to create a website and I didn’t even know if the domain “” was available.

It’ll be nine years next month that I’ve been publishing That’s Country.  My knowledge of web design has improved over these last few years allowing me to even do some artist websites as well as my own.  Over the years, I’ve had to cut back on my traveling schedule a bit after bouts with cancer as well as back flare-ups but the site is still going strong and the productive life I thought was over in 1988 still goes stronger than ever!

2009 – PRESENT –   I retired in 2009 but I do occasionally still add things if I think they may be interesting to country fans….

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