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Dear Members,

Bruce Good (President CMAO)

Bruce Good (President CMAO)

Another Canadian Country Music Week has come and gone but the impact it created still lives on.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners who attended the festivities in Halifax, Nova Scotia this past month.  It was a memorable event that included a music industry conference, the Canadian Country Music Association Awards Show and four days of great music and merriment. Kudos go to the Canadian Country Music Association for developing and maintaining a country music star system in Canada.

My brothers and I (The Good Brothers) were invited to perform at the CCMA Legends Show: A Tribute to Yesterday & Today. Each “legend” was paired with a “rising or current artist” and it was an honour to share the stage with such a wonderful group of renowned performers. The venue was sold out and I have heard this CCMA show is an annual favorite.

Being part of the “old guard” has its pros and cons. As each year goes by, I notice that there are fewer people that I know personally at Country Music Week. Some have retired or are no longer involved in the music scene. Sadly some have passed away as seen in the moving tribute at the Gala Dinner. But still there is a long lasting comradery among those who remain.

Just hangin’ out with artists and friends including Patricia Conroy, Charlie Major, Beverley Mahood, Johnny Burke, Harold MacIntyre, Wendell Ferguson, Jason Barry, Randall Prescott and Tracey Brown, all of whom are from Ontario, was so rewarding. Each and every one of these folks has left an indelible mark on Canadian Country Music and I am so proud to be associated with them (even Wendell J).

It is estimated that roughly thirty-eight percent of all artists involved during the week were from Ontario. Most are rising and current artists who have been passed the torch and proudly hold it high. Performers such as Kira Isabella, Tim Hicks, Leah Daniels, Johnny Reid, Autumn Hill, Lindi Ortega, The Lovelocks, Steven Lee Olson, The Heartbroken and Tebey all played an integral part in the success of Country Music Week.

At any time you could run into new Ontario artists like Runaway Angel, Katia Zuccarelli, Cold Creek County, Lindsay Broughton, Riki Knox, Jordan McIntosh and James Barker, just to name a few. We should all be proud of the deep pool of talented country artists that this province has produced.

The Country Music Association of Ontario would like to congratulate all of this province’s artists who participated this year.  We wish them much success as they move forward on their musical journey, one that will take them to London, Ontario next year for yet another CCMA Awards Show. You are the flame keepers and we hope you continue to hold that torch high and keep it burning bright.

Bruce Good
Country Music Association of Ontario

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