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CMAO August Newsletter

A Message from the President

Dear Members,

Bruce Good

Bruce Good

September is almost upon us and many CMAO members will be attending the Canadian Country Music Association’s Country Music Week in Halifax – a time to honour some of the top artists and industry people in the nation.

Whether it is performing or working in the industry, most of us who make “the arts” their career are drawn in because of an unexplainable love of music. As I look back on my years in the music business, I realize how lucky I am.  And even now, as I begin to tour less, I still find myself wanting to remain in music in some capacity. It reminds me of those hockey or baseball players who, after a long successful run at being on the field, choose to remain in the game they love – as scouts, coaches or managers.

Five years ago, our past President, Barry Haugen, invited me to be a member of the Board of Directors of a new organization, later to be named the Country Music Association of Ontario. After much deliberation, I accepted, not knowing what to expect. The experience with the CMAO has been one of enlightenment, to say the least. I have learned more about the business of music in the past five years than I ever thought I would. With help from industry professionals and gleaning from my own experience, I have developed an appreciation for what the “non-performing” people of music do.

Wedged between the artist and their fans is a billion dollar industry consisting of record companies, radio, managers, agents, publicists, art directors, producers, sound engineers, stage hands, entertainment buyers and lawyers, just to name a few of the many roles. They are all valuable members of a team that will help further an artist’s career and help bridge the gap between the artist and the fans that purchase the tickets and buy their music.

But, music goes beyond commerce and profit. It is born within us and will always be part of who we are, as long as there is an instrument to be played and a song to be sung. It is born out of a love and a necessity to share a message through one’s music. It doesn’t matter if it’s an audience of ten or ten thousand; the feeling is always the same.

This September 10th to 13th, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the Canadian Country Music Association will celebrate those artists and industry professionals who have left their mark in Canadian country music. On behalf of the Country Music Association of Ontario and its members, we would like to congratulate all the nominees and wish them luck.

I feel that in the end, we are all winners just for making music an important part of our lives.


Bruce Good
President, CMAO

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