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Folk-influenced LP out Sept. 11 on Sugar Hill Records, offers fans 14 new tracks; Available for pre-order here now.

Jewel - Picking Up The Pieces Album Art Credit: Matthew Rolston

Jewel – Picking Up The Pieces Album Art
Credit: Matthew Rolston

NASHVILLE, Tenn. ­ (July 28, 2015) ­– She first appeared on the scene like a supernova and now, just five years since her last singer-songwriter album, Jewel is returning to the deep, personal territory and folk sound that made her one of music’s most exciting young voices when she released the transcendent Pieces of You.

As revealed by this morning, Jewel will release her new album Picking Up the Pieces on Sept. 11 through Sugar Hill Records, now available for pre-order here. She self-produced the 14-track LP – with her first producer, the late Ben Keith, always in mind – and hired a band comprised mostly of Neil Young collaborators to help her strip away the veneer she’d built up over two decades in the music business.

Jewel Credit: Philip Macias

Credit: Philip Macias

“This is just me. These are my thoughts. These are my feelings. This is my poetry,” Jewel said. “It really felt like returning to a part of me that I didn’t mean to lose, but with time and relationships and life and surviving and dealing, you take on new things and not all of them are great.”

The last five years have been full of change, both personal and creative, for the 41-year-old Alaska-born singer. Her 4-year-old son Kase was born, but her marriage fell apart. She wrote her memoir, Never Broken, and recorded a pair of children’s albums. Picking Up the Pieces captures some of these moments on “Love Used to Be” and “Mercy,” but also gathers longtime unrecorded live favorites like “Carnivore” and “Boy Needs a Bike.” The album also includes “My Father’s Daughter,” a stunning autobiographical collaboration with Dolly Parton.

Jewel said she wanted to make an album where she didn’t feel “diluted”: “I was trying to keep my mind quiet and honestly get back to something I feel like I’d lost touch with in my life. It was really an exercise in shutting out fear. I was giving myself permission to be exactly who and what I was.”
For more information about Jewel, Picking Up the Pieces and tour dates, check in at And follow @jeweljk on Twitter.

About Jewel
Spending the past several years alternating between penning her memoir, Never Broken – in stores September 15th –  and recording a pair of children’s albums, Jewel is set to return with her first proper album of new music since 2010’s Sweet and Wild.  Picking Up The Pieces, which serves as a “bookend” to the Alaskan-born singer’s landmark, multi-platinum-selling debut, 1995’s Pieces Of You, is some of Jewel’s most striking work yet: front and center is the iconic singer-songwriter’s world-renowned vocals, laser-sharp songcraft and intricate guitarwork. “It was time in my life to do this,” Jewel, who Rolling Stone calls “one of the most richly idiomatic pop singers of her generation,” explains of the 14-track LP, recorded in Nashville with seasoned musicians, and featuring road-tested fan favorites (“Carnivore,” “Boy Needs A Bike”) alongside groundbreaking new tracks (“Love Used To Be”) and a stunning collaboration with country legend Dolly Parton (“My Father’s Daughter”). Says Jewel: “I wanted the album to be purely an extension of my soul.”

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