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John Crumby, John Conlee, Phil Thomas / (courtesy of Webster PR)

John Crumby, John Conlee, Phil Thomas (courtesy of Webster PR)

“Walkin’ Behind the Star” from John Conlee’s latest project, Classics 2, strikes a chord

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (May 11, 2015) – Last week, country music icon John Conlee performed “Walkin’ Behind the Star” during an emotional ceremony honoring the members of law enforcement who had given their lives in the line of duty in 2014. The ceremony was held the morning of May 8 at the Legislative Plaza in downtown Nashville. President of the Tennessee’s FOP, John Crumby, announced that Conlee’s recording was now Tennessee’s Fraternal Order of Police official song for law enforcement. “Walkin’ Behind the Star” was written by Phil Thomas and the late Ronny Scaife.

Conlee’s poignant interpretation of “Walkin’ Behind the Star” from his recent ‘live’ performances and appearances on the Grand Ole Opry have sparked comments from around the country:

 Howard R. Sills, sheriff for Putnam County, GA — “For the last 41 years I have been a police officer and for the last 19 years I have been the Sheriff of my hometown community. Needless to say we in the law enforcement profession haven’t been thought of too highly in most of the national media of late. This media coverage has made me more than a little despondent. I was lamenting about all of this when I turned on the Opry show this past Saturday night. It was not too long after the show began before a wonderful breeze of fresh air swept across my veranda and from my old GE radio sitting up on the porch rail. That breeze was the moment I heard you announce to the audience and the world that the Opry wanted to take a moment to honor those who “walk behind the star” and you sang the song with the same title that I’d never heard before. It literally caused me to tear up and it lifted my spirits. I can not express thanks enough to you, the Opry and WSM-AM for the recognition during your show.

Mike Kelleher, chaplain from San Bernardino County Sherriff department — “With all the bad press our force is constantly receiving, I would like to thank Mr. Conlee for his uplifting song.”

James Bartels, police officer in Patriot, OH — As a policeman shot in the line of duty, I found John Conlee’s comments and his performance on the Grand Ole Opry very moving. I would like to thank him for understanding the terror law enforcement endure everyday in the society we live in.

Derik Walker, K102 Country in Spokane/Sandpoint, ID — Just wanted you to pass along to John Conlee that his song, “Walkin’ Behind The Star” was the absolute perfect song to play this week for our fallen officer Greg Moore of the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho police department. I can’t tell you how many calls we got regarding the song and how much it meant to folks in the inland Northwest as they deal with this tragedy. Sargent Greg Moore served the people for 16 years, before he was gunned down in Post Falls, Idaho Monday night. Please extend our gratitude to John on behalf of the entire K102 Country family!

David Lyons, police chief in Savannah, GA — I am a police chief in the state of Georgia, the immediate past president of the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police and a career police officer. I heard you sing the song, “Walkin’ Behind the Star” and wanted to tell you how much I appreciated you. With all that’s going on in the world right now along with the attacks on our police officers, it is good to hear some appreciative words. Thank you and God bless you.

Conlee feels the song’s message could not be released at a more desperate time in our country. “I wanted to do this song to show support to police officers who are just doing their jobs. With all the turmoil going on I think they are relieved that someone is paying attention the other way and giving them a pat on the back.”

“Walkin’ Behind the Star” is the first song to be released from John Conlee’s latest recording project called Classics 2. Fans can purchase the album on iTunes, or anywhere music is sold.

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